Sub-Dumbass of the Day

File this one under “People who just don’t get it.”

I sat down tonight after enduring Suze Orman (damn you, NBC, for not having a new Scrubs!) and enjoying a new Committed (thank you, NBC…oh, how I love and hate you!) to find a trackback notification from Movable Type.

No big deal, right? Yeah, well…

You wouldn’t think so, anyway. I took a look — hey, it’s not spam, whaddaya know? — and decided, as per my usual practise, to see who had thought my ramblings worthy of a link. Turns out it’s a guy named Geoff in the Great White North, also known as “Canadia,” who has a fairly un-boring* blog of his own.

Due to its generally un-boring nature, I clicked over to the front page and read his recent entries, where I stumbled upon “William Cut,” in which Geoff is verbally assaulted by a blogger — William Cut — who really doesn’t get what the whole “blog” thing is all about. One of Geoff’s friends also has an entry on the topic at his own blog. Both of these guys were respectful and polite, and removed links to Mr. Cut’s blog when asked.

As is our longstanding tradition here at CLN, we take no prisoners, pull no punches, and spare no expense to ensure that all are equally offended. Here, then, is William Cut’s blog, which he thinks should be exclusively for the private use of his circle of friends:

William’s Cut

Among the more choice quotes:

My problem wasnt strangers reading, or even posting, but rather repeat posters that I simply didnt want posting on my blog …

The current technology (again, Im not tech savvy) allows a blogger to kill the comments, but then of course people who the blogger wants to communicate with can’t post. My individual style and approach was to be rude about asking people not to post …

Yeah, I’d say that’s about the understatement of the century, young though it may be. If you claim to be “not tech savvy” then a) what the hell are you doing blogging in the first place? and b) if you’re so adamantly opposed to people who aren’t your friends commenting, why don’t you get a friend who is tech-savvy to help you set up a solution that allows only certain people to comment?

Oh, never mind. With the way you treated Geoff et al, you probably don’t have any friends who are tech-savvy enough to set that up.

For completely misunderstanding the whole purpose of blogs, and for attacking people who pointed this out to you:

Red FormanRed Forman Dumbass Rating: Hyde (Dumbass) Hyde (Dumbass)

* Let’s be honest. Most people’s blogs aren’t exactly gripping. Rather, they’re interesting to a small subset of people, usually the blogger’s friends. That doesn’t mean nobody has anything worthwhile to say, but the vast majority of what’s out there is drivel. Geoff’s blog is decidedly better than this, lest anyone get the wrong idea.

posted by Chris on 08 March 2005 at 2223 in humour


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Comment by Geoff

Loved the post, Chris.

You — like most others — were probably as perplexed as I was when this guy flipped out over something so trivial.

Not to worry, though; his bottle of warm milk has been warmed up to a comfortable 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and he is now quietly napping with his blankie.

posted at 2223 on 08 March 2005

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