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Onward Christian Ex-Gays: Man infiltrates born-again anti-gay support group in San Fran (where else?), hilarity ensues. Best quote:

The large woman’s crying intensifies.

“My son designs Web sites. He said to me, ‘Mom, look at this Web site I designed.’ He brought it up on the computer, and these male figures came up. And it was a gay porn site!” the large woman says. “My mouth had dropped, and I said, ‘Oh my God! What are you doing?’”

“You had to look at them, too,” Debbie sympathizes.

“Was there any tea-bagging going on?” I ask, gravely concerned.

Tea-bagging indeed.

Yooper shot by cat: A Bates Township (Iron County) man was shot by his cat last night whilst cooking in the kitchen. “I said TUNA, bitch!”

Australian Government considers fines for suicide info: Yeah, right. I guess we can expect some “Steve Irwin Official Business: Penalty for Private Use $300” hate mail showing up in Robert Hamburger’s inbox.

posted by Chris on 09 March 2005 at 1226 in humour


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