Math 101

My mom and I just got back from Meijer, where we were again reminded that people are really dumb.

See, she bought about half a pound (this is important later, so take note) of sugar peas, which were marked $1.99/lb. They rang up at $2.99/lb.

My mom, being the observant and obsessive receipt-checker that she is, noticed the error and went to customer service after paying. After a long discussion with the girl there, she was issued a $1 refund. Understandably confused by this, my mom asked for an explanation, whereupon the girl replied:

Well, they were marked $1.99 [per pound], and we charged you $2.99 [per pound], so the difference is a dollar.

Meijer had better hope they haven’t hired many more people this intelligent.

posted by Chris on 25 February 2004 at 2354 in humour


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