More School Stupidity

A sixth-grader in Ohio has been suspended for three days.


Because he brought (oh, horrors!) the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated to school.

Now, I agree that an elementary school probably isn’t the place for SI’s swimsuit issue, but like the boy’s mother said, it’s not as though he brought pr0n to school. I can understand maybe one day of detention, or a heart-to-heart with the principal about why bringing that in was a stupid thing to do, but three days’ suspension? Geez.

Of course, if I had realised I could get on the front page of CNN’s Web site (and probably mentioned in their broadcast news) simply by getting suspended from school for three days for something this harmless, I definitely would have done that in elementary school. Think of how cool this kid is going to be to all his peers when he gets back from school: he got three days off, and he’s a national hero to sixth-grade boys because he had the swimsuit issue of SI.

School officials are obviously too far removed from sixth grade themselves to realise this. There are advantages to thinking like a kid, after all.

posted by Chris on 25 February 2004 at 1324 in general


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