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Haven't had one of these in a while, because I haven't had anything significant enough to warrant one. Well, now I do.

Blizza Blizza is proud to be the official (and probably only!) press outlet covering the release of the highly anticipated AirPort Colour Menu, Battery Colour Menu, and Bluetooth Colour Menu icon replacement sets for the aforementioned menu extras under Mac OS X. More information is available from the CLN Projects page.

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Blizza Blizza Presents...

Coming to you tonight from the headlines-that-never-should-have-made-it-past-the-editor department - again - is this one from the BBC:

"Africa needs anal sex awareness"

Seriously. Can the British come up with anything else this ridiculous?

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Blizza Blizza Presents...

Tonight's episode comes to you courtesy of the Centre For Reporting on Research Into the Blindingly Obvious(tm).

A report released yesterday by the Kaiser Family Foundation found a positive correlation between teenagers' alcohol consumption and...

Are you ready for this?

Can I get a drum roll, please?

...sexual activity.

Say it ain't so.

On a related note, the report apparently used data from three - count 'em, three - federally funded surveys. The gub'mint needs my tax dollars to figure out that drunk teenagers are going to screw on prom night? Gimme a freakin' break.

Next on the agenda: a study to determine whether alcohol consumption leads to drunkenness. Preliminary speculation is divided.

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Blizza Blizza Presents...

From the headlines-that-never-should-have-made-it-past-the-editor department, the BBC brings you:

European Engine Beats Off Rival

No kidding.

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Blizza Blizza Presents...

In a continuation (and closure) of Thursday's Celebrity Deathwatch, Earl King is dead at 69. The New Orleans R&B legend died Thursday from complications related to diabetes.

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Blizza Blizza Presents...

And for today's episode of "Blizza Blizza Presents," we bring back WGRD's ever-popular "Rick, Darla, and Scott Celebrity Deathwatch."

The premise behind this theory of Rick Beckett's was that famous people die in threes. Whenever someone moderately famous died, two more famous people had to die within the next two weeks or the theory would be, well, "violated." In about eight years of listening to their morning show daily, I can't think of a single counter-example that ever occurred.

So I'm kicking off this Deathwatch with Dr. Atkins (of Atkins diet fame) and John Paul Getty Jr., the billionaire philanthropist and recluse. Both died earlier today.

(Note to you statisticians out there: yes, I realise how patently ridiculous the whole thing is. Merely glancing at the New York Times obit page is enough to keep the Celebrity Deathwatch going for years, and with a period much shorter than two weeks. But it's fun, OK?)

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Blizza Blizza Presents...

And in our first episode of "Blizza Blizza Presents," we bring you Run Into Random Friends from High School Day.

I was heading over to pay my rent this afternoon after lunch and ran into a friend from high school I hadn't seen in some weeks, which only began the cascade. Not an hour later, I was back in the chem building looking for someone and I glanced back and saw this rather attractive girl walking down the hall. She walked by, and I followed, as I was going the same direction. She stopped briefly in the doorway of a friend's lab (my destination) and then, as she turned around, we both sort of did a big double-take. (Hi, Andrea!) Hadn't seen her since I graduated high school in '98. So that brightened up my afternoon quite a bit.

But it wasn't over. I was on my way to grab dinner at Panchero's before group meeting and who do I run into but the guy I did my Biomed project with senior year. Hadn't seen him since graduation either. And not two minutes later, as I was walking to Panchero's, I ran into one of our mutual acquaintances from high school.

Four in one day, none of whom I see regularly, and three of whom I hadn't seen since high school. Talk about random coincidence!

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