Blizza Blizza Presents…

And in our first episode of “Blizza Blizza Presents,” we bring you Run Into Random Friends from High School Day.

I was heading over to pay my rent this afternoon after lunch and ran into a friend from high school I hadn’t seen in some weeks, which only began the cascade. Not an hour later, I was back in the chem building looking for someone and I glanced back and saw this rather attractive girl walking down the hall. She walked by, and I followed, as I was going the same direction. She stopped briefly in the doorway of a friend’s lab (my destination) and then, as she turned around, we both sort of did a big double-take. (Hi, Andrea!) Hadn’t seen her since I graduated high school in ‘98. So that brightened up my afternoon quite a bit.

But it wasn’t over. I was on my way to grab dinner at Panchero’s before group meeting and who do I run into but the guy I did my Biomed project with senior year. Hadn’t seen him since graduation either. And not two minutes later, as I was walking to Panchero’s, I ran into one of our mutual acquaintances from high school.

Four in one day, none of whom I see regularly, and three of whom I hadn’t seen since high school. Talk about random coincidence!

posted by Chris on 02 April 2003 at 2138 in Blizza Blizza Presents

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