Enron, Anyone?

Is it any wonder that we have Enrons and Worldcoms and Martha Stewart when businesses make decisions like these?

I’m a big fan of:

3 What the hell. It worked with that Chaucer term paper they “wrote” in college.
After hyping its new disposable cell phone as “innovative” and “technologically advanced,” Hop-On (HPON) sends a sample to a San Francisco Chronicle reporter, who cracks open the casing to uncover the phone’s “revolutionary” secret: Nokia parts. The company explains that it had run into glitches and had missed its deadline.

4 As for what’s in it, we’re guessing Nokia parts.
In an attempt to show that, no, really, they’re serious about this cloning thing, Clonaid sells the RMX 2010, a $9,220 contraption that … well, nobody’s quite sure what it does. To help clarify the matter, Clonaid lends one to a British science museum — under strict orders not to open it to find out what’s inside.

posted by Chris on 02 April 2003 at 0106 in humour

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