The Sporting News

Sports is done. Now only sci-tech and war remain. Progress is a Good Thing(tm).

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In Soviet Russia, Tetris 0wNz J00!

But since this is Capitalist America, I “0wN” Tetris.

To the tune of 73,190 points, and 505 lines.

My previous high score was 51,410, with 333 lines. Other than that, I hadn’t broken 40,000. The difference between tonight’s score and the next most-recent score in the top ten would have been second on the old list!

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School? Yeah, School.

Got the school category (all five entries!) done tonight. Might have more time to do, say, sci-tech tomorrow. We’ll see.

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Temporary Hiatus

Been working (!) this week, very odd hours. Haven’t had time to do any more archive updating to speak of. It’s all I can do to keep up with the news. So yeah, again, hoping to be done by the end of the month. Also, the current employment will likely be ending on Sunday, so things might be more back to “normal” by then…

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Progress is the Opposite of Congress

Language and politix (minus the “war” subcategory, which will probably end up as its own category since MT doesn’t seem to do subcategories) are now done.

If anyone knows how to do subcategories in Movable Type or knows how to batch-add TrackBack to all the old entries, I’d like to know…

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Templatey Goodness

The archive templates all appear to be in order now, and the category links have been added to the meta tags in the footer of each entry. Enjoy.

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I’m an Archivin’ Fool

I dunno, it just sounded like a good title. Everything up through the “humour” category has been archived. I’m just a bit less than halfway done, with the language, politix, school, sci-tech, and sports categories left to archive. Hey, once I get that finished, I might even have time for new content!

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Look, Mom! Archives!

They’re coming along. I’m forcing myself to do two or three entries every time I sit down at the computer, so I might actually have this done by the end of the month. (Yes, the deadline just slipped 10 days. Deal with it. I have over 200 entries to convert here.)

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Where’s All the Old Stuff?

Yeah, yeah, it’s on the to-do list. I’m going to have to manually import everything and then go through and fix dates, because MT doesn’t have a nice PHPosxom import, mostly due to the vastly different ways MT and PHPosxom store their file metadata. So yeah. Expect that by the end of the week, probably, but converting that many entries is going to take a while.

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Tables, Tables Everywhere!

OK, the main table to create the sidebar is in place. If anyone knows a way to do it with pure CSS instead, I’d love to hear it, because tables annoy me. Yes, after something like 10 years of writing HTML, I’ve finally gotten completely tired of table-based layouts. After seeing what could be done without ever resorting to a single table tag, I’ve sworn off tables forever unless there’s just no other way.

And right now, I don’t know of any other way. There’s a tiny alignment problem with the blog body “windows,” but I’m too tired to chase it down tonight. Maybe tomorrow or something.

EDIT: I apparently overestimated my somnolence. The weird alignment problem is fixed now.

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The Joys of CSS and XML

It’s a damn good thing I have an appreciation for the power of XML and CSS, because without it, I would surely have given up by now. Slogging around in this morass of code isn’t exactly fun, but it’s better than a kick in the head. I think I have the blog entry appearance the way I want it; now I just have to fix the calendar and all the other sidebar goodies. And the title. That title looks stupid sitting up there like that.

Hmmmm…do I go to bed, or no…?

Heh…there are a couple more mistakes. I knew posting a second entry would reveal stuff I missed. :)

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Well. That was an interesting experience. The migration from phposxom to Movable Type certainly isn’t complete — or even really begun — but at least MT is up and running.

More later…

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