Defensive (?) Driving

And people say Americans can’t drive. Our good neighbours to the north seem to have a much greater problem with that, although one might observe that more stringent enforcement and better reporting would make Ontario’s roads look like those of a Florida retirement community.

Pay close attention to this incident:

There was one point on Saturday when officers thought there had been a traffic jam only to discover a 29-year-old Oldsmobile driver had completely stopped his vehicle in the passing lane because he was too nervous to drive in the rain.

People like that should be dragged out and shot.

NB: The highest speed limit this writer has ever seen in Ontario is 110 km/h, or a hair under 70 MPH.

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The Register has an interesting piece on Jonathan Schwartz’s comment that practically every Sun employee has a Mac at home. My favourite quote from that piece is this one:

Horizontal capitalism is a scam, a blame-game in which no one ever takes the responsibility for the damn thing not working. There’s a mini-industry of PC magazines and agony columns devoted to repairing computer problems that should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

Ain’t that the truth. After God-only-knows-how-many hours doing what basically amounted to free tech support, I can’t argue with that statement one bit.

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Ebola Vaccine Successful in Primates

Following on the heels of the first human trials of an HIV vaccine comes the news that US Government scientists have engineered an Ebola vaccine that “completely protected” inoculated monkeys after only one month. Experts expect that if all goes well, the vaccine should be available for large-scale human use by 2006.

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First Human Trials of HIV Vaccine

Researchers at the University of North Carolina are now testing the first HIV vaccine to make it to phase I clinical trials. If all goes well, there could be a vaccine against HIV within 7-10 years.

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