Dumbass of the Day Month

“Pete” wins today’s award, and possibly this month’s award, and maybe even this year’s award, for his amazingly clueless “March Together for Life” blog entry entitled “Murder without conscience”.

Having 634 people (now 635, including this entry) call him a giant raging idiot for taking satire seriously was apparently not enough, though. The guy can’t admit he’s wrong, either, a fact which a further 546 people have pointed out to him.

That’s just amazing. Thank you, Onion writers, for a good belly laugh the first time around (all the way back in 1999), a good belly laugh the second time around (five minutes ago), and for making this guy think you were serious, which was good for another half an hour of belly laughs.

UPDATE: Holy mother of God, Pete can’t leave well enough alone and has posted another followup! Uhm, yeah. Buddy, you already lost. Just shut down your blog and move along with life, preferably away from computers where you can’t be exposed to any more humour your addled brain can’t comprehend.

UPDATE2: Pete has moved to a new address where comments require a Blogger account. I seem to recall a well-used phrase about a day late and a dollar short.

Meta note: Pete is the only Dumbass of the Day in the history of this blog ever to receive the coveted Five Dumbasses Award for a non-fatal exhibition of stupidity.

Red FormanRed Forman Dumbass Rating: Kelso (Dumbass) Kelso (Dumbass) Kelso (Dumbass) Kelso (Dumbass) Kelso (Dumbass)

posted by Chris on 11 July 2006 at 2153 in humour


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Comment by dtordini

Since ol’ Petey disabled the embarassing comments section, commence retailation:

March Together V 2.0

posted at 2153 on 11 July 2006

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