Super Bowl O’ Fun

The “Stillers” won, as I had hoped. Wahoo!

The important part, though, was all the fun commercials. I’ll be updating this post with links as they inevitably show up on Google Video and the like.

Turner talked about his favourites already.

I gotta agree on the MacGyver one. That was hysterical. Unlike Chris, though, I gotta say the Whopperettes were fun. I’m a sucker for dancing girls ;)

“Magic Fridge” was utter genius, and it was the only really good Bud Light commercial. FedEx’s “Caveman” was pretty funny, especially the part at the end where he kicks the little dinosaur. Loved that bit.

Ameriquest has been consistently very good with their Super Bowl commercials over the last two or three years, and the new “Doctor” commercial was no exception.

Sprint now has two good commercials: the “Push It” dancing office dudes, and “Crime Deterrent”, which was absolutely hilarious.

Also unlike Chris, I thought the Emerald Nuts commercial was genius. The regular ones were just kinda ho-hum, but they went over the top on this one, and it worked a lot better. Loved the druid under the stairs, too. What a great touch. I kinda wish they’d post a list of rejected phrases for that commercial.

Now, here’s the big one that nobody seems to have noticed.

The Honda Ridgeline commercial with the mudflap naked lady. It aired twice, and I was pretty sure I saw this the first time around, but the second time I around, I was convinced. My buddy Andrew definitely saw it too.

The chrome naked lady shows definite camel-toe when she checks out the Ridgeline’s tailgate and bed area!

Talk about your wardrobe malfunction!

So that leaves my Top Five Records-approved Top Five as, in High Fidelity order, of course:

The Ridgeline commercial gets an honourable mention for thwarting the censors.

UPDATE: Thanks to AdJab, I now have all the above linked.

posted by Chris on 06 February 2006 at 0015 in entertainment


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