Dumbass of the Day

Well, here. I’ll just let Mike Spinelli explain it:

A man with a blood alcohol level of .26 stole a Frito-Lay truck in Buffalo, NY, and initially attempted to sell the vehicle and its load of tasty snack foods for $20, though he was apparently talked down [to $5] in his desparation for another beer. Apprehended by authorities after hitting two parked cars, the hapless sap was charged with driving while intoxicated and grand larceny.

Red FormanRed Forman Dumbass Rating: Kelso (Dumbass) Kelso (Dumbass) Kelso (Dumbass) Kelso (Dumbass)

(via Jalopnik)

posted by Chris on 10 August 2005 at 2251 in humour


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