Smokers Fail Smog Checks

Many states in the US have annual exhaust inspections for motor vehicles, commonly called “smog checks” by residents. The BBC is reporting on a new study that says cigarette smokers put out more air pollution — by a factor of 10 — than an automobile diesel engine.

Of course, the tobacco industry is up in arms about this. As if they had a leg to stand on, a spokesman for the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association said, “The best way of addressing public concerns about environmental tobacco smoke is through the provision of designated non-smoking and smoking areas with good ventilation.”

Yeah. Here, I have a plan that he’ll agree to.

Designated non-smoking area: Earth. Designated smoking area: outer space.

Maybe we should make new laws about smoking in your car, too. If you’re going to smoke in your car, your car has to meet pollution requirements that are ten times more strict than the standard for non-smokers. If more than one person wants to smoke in your car, the vehicle has to pass a smog check at a level 10 times stricter than normal for each smoker in the car. That sounds fair.

posted by Chris on 28 August 2004 at 1412 in sci-tech


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