Ninja Sighting #3

I guess telling you what the first two sightings were might be useful.

See, it all started with this. That was what inspired the idea of ninja sightings in the first place.

The first sighting was a poster - which I regrettably didn’t rip off the wall and bring home - found in the lobby of the chemistry building at U of M advertising a ninja movie-making contest.

Sighting number two is the recent Discover card commercial wherein a rather overweight middle-aged guy attempts to use his little keychain-sized Discover card to fight off some ninjas flipping out hard. Of course, he fails, and the tagline for the commercial is something along the lines of “Not good for a ninja fight.”

Which brings me to sighting number three. McDonald’s is running a commercial for this horrid-sounding new sandwich called the “McGriddle,” and it stars Alfonso Ribeiro (or at least someone who looks exactly like him). His wife sees a newspaper ad for the new sandwich and asks him if he’s ever seen anything stranger, and as she finishes saying this, a little old black lady walking by on the sidewalk is beset by six ninjas who really want to wail on their jet red guitars and kill the whole town because the old black lady dropped a spoon. She proceeds to do her own flipping out - by which I mean flipping the heck out of there - and Ribeiro just sort of shakes his head.

If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch more TV.

posted by Chris on 11 June 2003 at 0759 in humour

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