Sadistic Eddie

This is something only a very select few people will find amusing, but I’m putting it together because those people will find it amusing and I’m <voice type=”Jimmy Jones”>all about hardcore amusing people.</voice> (And even fewer people will get that reference, and the intersection of the set of people who get the former and the set of people who get the latter probably has as its sole element yours truly.)


The list so far:

  • Sadistic Eddie
  • Sadistic Dave
  • Sadistic Dendler ( = Sadistic2 Dave)
  • Nikki Finneman’s Evil Twin
  • Anti-Sadistic Frank Church
  • Sadistic Przybyz (that’s “SHIBB-ish” for you non-Polish folks)
  • Sadistic Corey
  • Sadistic Geiger

I guess I probably ought to give at least a basic explanation. Sophomore year of college, one of the freshmen in my psych class bore a very striking (yet somewhat evil) resemblance to one of my friends (whose name was Eddie). So he became “Sadistic Eddie.” My buddy Dave and I took the concept to new heights senior year in the cafeteria, mostly by accident, as people who looked like slightly demented versions of our friends just kept walking by. The concept took a turn for the silly when we started applying mathematical principles to the various levels of sadism, inventing inverse-sadist concepts, etc. But at this point, the basic categories have been defined: sadistic, anti-sadistic, and “evil twin,” which is loosely defined as “way more sadistic than sadistic, almost a sadistic2 but in the same person rather than via an intermediary.” (If you had seen Nikki Finneman’s Evil Twin you’d know what I mean.)

One thing Dave and I have both noticed (Dave swears I’m the only one with the talent for seeing the sadistic versions of our friends, so maybe it’s just me) is that our male friends seem to be much more prone to having sadistic versions of themselves running around than our female friends. Maybe it’s just because it’s hard for girls to look sadistic and strongly resemble people we know.

Thoughts? Theories? Seen a sadistic version of your friend(s)? Let me know…

posted by Chris on 23 April 2003 at 0040 in humour

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