The Low End Mac Collection

This collection of how-to articles, editorials, and other miscellaneous writing is all content that was originally published on Low End Mac from 2000-2003. After I left the site, the content was homeless for some time, but the Internet gods have smiled upon these humble works and has given them a home. Please enjoy or hate them as you will, but heed this disclaimer:

No information provided herein carries any warranty or guarantee of accuracy or efficacy. By reading these articles, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the author, the Web site, its host, and any other associated entities in the event that you, the reader, screw something up. Do we have a deal, Mr. Reagan?

Mac Daniel How-Tos

The Mac Daniel column was started by Dan Knight back in 1997 as a sort of Macintosh help desk. The articles are based on questions or problems submitted by readers and fall primarily into the "how-to" category, although there is some editorial content here.

Tech Reflections Columns

Tech Reflections was the title of the editorial column I wrote from late 2000 through 2003. While not exclusively Mac-based, it was indeed biased in that direction, keeping with the overall theme of Low End Mac.

Tech Week in Review Archives

While technically falling under the Tech Reflections umbrella, I've separated these out as their own series, because it was as Tech Week in Review that the column truly came into its own.

Other LEM Content

I've lumped together assorted other content — a "My First Mac" article and some software reviews — here.

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