February 2005

27 February 2005 -- Building Camino updated to fix a couple omissions in the original instructions.

January 2005

06 January 2005 -- An Open Letter to the Mac Community published on SchwarzTech.

30 December 2004 -- Instructions for building Camino from CVS source are posted to the Projects section. Oh, and happy birthday, Mom!

October 2004

30 October 2004 -- LogTen 8710 template is now shipping as the default FAA 8710 HTML template in LogTen Express and LogTen Pro!

19 October 2004 -- updated version of the LogTen 8710 Template released, fixing a bug where total flights weren't displayed for the Lighter-than-Air category.

17 October 2004 -- improved HTML template for LogTen's FAA Form 8710 Report released. See the Projects page for more.

02 October 2004 -- Version 1.2 of 13375p33k released. Now featuring 90.9% fewer bugs, which have all migrated from 13375p33k to the rug of CLN headquarters! (No, really, one just ran by. Seriously.) Also featuring, by the way, countless more amazing new features.

01 October 2004 -- Version 1.1 of 13375p33k released, adding countless amazing new features.

September 2004

30 September 2004 -- CLN releases the highly-anticipated "13375p33k," an Xtra for Adium X, the world's best IM client. 13375p33k can be downloaded from AdiumXtras or the Projects page.

02 September 2004 -- CLN releases three Mac OS X menu extra icon replacement sets: AirPort Colour Menu, Battery Colour Menu, and Bluetooth Colour Menu. Download them from the Projects page.

June 2004

05 June 2004 -- CLN HQ temporarily relocates to Jacksonville, FL to pursue alternative career options.

February 2004

21 February 2004 -- PDF version of résumé posted; minor tweaks to CSS for better readability.

16 February 2004 -- Major update to the Macintosh Colo(u)r Classic FAQ.

02 February 2004 -- Low End Mac Collection completed. It will be integrated into the site's overall appearance at a later date.

01 February 2004 -- Debut of the Low End Mac Collection, a collection of how-to articles, reviews, and editorials originally published on Low End Mac from 1999-2002.

January 2004

25 January 2004 -- Debut of Kawasaki KZ400 Odyssey, part of the chrislawson.net Projects section.

12 January 2004 -- Highly-anticipated semi-return of famed Blizza Blizza blog.

09 January 2004 -- Worldwide Internet debut of chrislawson.net.

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