Pod Filters

The stock airbox on the KZ400 (and most other KZs) is a huge pain in the arse whenever any carburetor work needs to be done. The rubber boots between the carbs and airbox are often in the poorest condition of any rubber on the entire bike if the bike hasn't had them replaced, and they're not only expensive to replace but difficult to locate as well. In addition, many people prefer the sound and look of pod filters, and with proper tuning of the carbs, the additional power they offer as well.

I put a set of 52 mm Emgo pods on for all of $18, which was about half what it would have cost to replace the stock intake boots. They look great, and they make removal of the carbs a five-minute job instead of a half-hour job. I'm working on tuning the carbs as well, so when all is said and done, there should be a (very) slight power increase over stock.

The installation of pods will necesitate some sort of filter being placed on the breather cover. Ordinarily, a rubber hose connects the breather cover to the airbox, where oil vapours are allowed to pass back into the engine for combustion. I got a HELP! brand radiator hose connector that adapts 1/2" radiator hose to 5/8" radiator hose for a couple bucks from the local auto parts store, along with a foot of 5/8" radiator hose. This fits perfectly over the breather pipe, and the Emgo breather filter that Dennis Kirk sells fits perfectly into the 1/2" end of the coupler.

Rear Shocks

A little-known secret of the KZ community is that nearly all Harley rear shocks can be adapted to fit most KZs fairly easily. Try to keep dry weights on the donor bike and your own bike matched as much as possible; putting rear shocks from an 800-lb Harley on a 250-lb KZ200 is going to be about as useful as putting solid rear struts on it. If the dry weights are closer, but still not too close, adjusting the shocks down to the softest setting should provide sufficient cushioning.

I have currently put this modification on hold. It's a quick swap, but it's very low on the priority list right now, and I don't really need new shocks at the moment.


Not a lot to say here other than I put new mirrors on it. I didn't want to spend a bunch to put a matching stock mirror on the right side of the handlebars (the KZ400 only had a left-side mirror) and I didn't like how high up the stock mirrors sat anyway. I got a couple chromed-plastic Emgo "baby cruiser" mirrors from Dennis Kirk that I think look much better and sit far lower on the handlebars.

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