Black Friday

In three and a half hours, give or take a couple minutes, stores around the country will open their doors to people who have now been camping out in tents on the sidewalk for the night in the hopes that they’ll be one of the first 10 individuals to buy some loss-leader product at some ridiculous fire-sale price. Riddle me this:

It’s November. In Michigan. Which means it’s approximately 28 freaking degrees outside, and you’re going to spend the night on the sidewalk outside Best Buy in a tent so that you can be the fifth guy in line at 4 AM just so you can (you hope) save $250 on a Nintendo Wii.

If I offered you $250 to camp out at the mall for 18 hours overnight in the middle of winter, you’d look at me like I was crazy, but because you’re doing it for a Nintendo Wii, it’s OK?

People are nuts.

posted by Chris on 28 November 2008 at 0028 in general


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