Fate, It Seems, Is Not Without a Sense of Irony

So said Morpheus to Neo when explaining what the remaining humans knew about the history of the war against the machines.

Four years ago, it was widely publicised — and largely ignored by people who mattered — that the CEO of Diebold, the company that produced millions of electronic voting machines, had said he and his company were “committed to delivering the state of Ohio to President Bush” (that’s a paraphrase, but the quote is generally accurate in both content and spirit) in the 2004 election.

How quickly and conveniently some forget.

The Ohio Republican Party is now extremely upset that their lawsuit to force disclosure of voter registration database mismatches has been thrown out. (On quite solid grounds, by the way, but we shouldn’t let sound legal reasoning by the Supreme Court of the United States get in the way of a little blatantly partisan bickering, should we?)

Pot, kettle, black.

posted by Chris on 17 October 2008 at 1813 in politix


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