Event Tester

I’ve written a small test app for examining NSEvent modifier flags, called Event Tester (34K ZIP file). I’ve been meaning to get this done ever since March 2006, when a subtle bug in Kensington’s MouseWorks software bit me in the rear while working on a Camino bug. I reported it to Kensington at the time along with an explanation of what I suspected was happening, but never heard anything back from them. They’ve since released version 3.0 of their MouseWorks software, and it still has the same bug. Now that I have a test app, maybe they’ll listen.

The general public probably won’t find it useful, but anyone writing drivers for multi-button mice probably will.

UPDATE: After pulling several teeth, I have official word from Kensington that the MouseWorks software has been end-of-lifed and will no longer be updated. I’m going to try to convince them to open-source it, or at least give me the source code, but I have to wonder what this means for future Mac products from the company. It can’t be good news.

posted by Chris on 12 July 2008 at 1454 in computing


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