Jury Duty Really Matters

This is a subject on which I have written thrice before, largely to condemn my fellow citizens for their unwillingness to serve their civic duty.

Apparently at least one judge agrees with me. A former Howell resident (now living in Flint) who was called up for jury duty, shirked it, and was then found in contempt of court for having done so was ordered by a judge to spend three days observing a trial and then write a paper on the history of jury service.

He plagiarised it.

Even better, the judge recognised it and called him on it. He is now spending a fourth day at the courthouse and re-writing the paper.

Brandon Dickens, you are a real winner.

UPDATE: In an interesting twist, the plagiarised paper was based off Matthew Baldwin’s “Trials and Tribulations” piece for The Morning News. Baldwin is the author of the “Defective Yeti” blog, which I read regularly and find to be hilarious.

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posted by Chris on 04 September 2006 at 0937 in politix


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