One-Liner Responses to Spam Subjects

It’s time for that reader favourite, “One-Liner Responses to Spam Subjects.” The following are all actual subject lines from spam received during the month of October.

View our authentic immitation site.

With my 100% genuine simulated Internet connection?

Improve your Σ

Oh man. My sigma has been really down lately. Please share!

Cute teen gets on top hog

And, presumably, rides around the barnyard on Wilbur. Such a wonderful family scene.

I bring you Greatings.

From the planet Zarxon. Take me to your leader.

{%NAME_FROM} 16:29 3 Re: Rodney’s Story about V

I left the “From” field intact on that one. Spamware broken much?

posted by Chris on 25 October 2005 at 2051 in humour


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