High Definition, Well, Isn’t

I was talking with Eric tonight when the subject of HDTV came up.

Will someone please explain the following questions to me?

  1. Why is it that there are approximately 100 different HDTV sets under $5000, not a single one of which can actually receive HDTV signals without purchasing an add-on tuner at an additional cost of approximately $200?
  2. If I don’t buy a tuner for TV sets falling into the above category, what’s the point of the set being HDTV-capable?
  3. Why aren’t any of the various computer monitor-cum-TV gadgets capable of receiving HDTV signals? If anything is capable of handling high resolutions, it’s a computer monitor. Dammit, someone sell me a 30” Cinema Display with integrated HDTV tuner already.
posted by Chris on 28 May 2005 at 0035 in sci-tech


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