Giant Hypocrite of the Day

The award for today goes to Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader and real-life counterpart to Eric Gordon.

DeLay is angry with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, mostly because Kennedy, along with the rest of the court, refused to hear the Terri Schiavo case. Mr. DeLay rails against so-called “judicial activism,” but what he’s really mad about in this case is that Kennedy, a Republican appointee to the court (by no less a conservative icon than Ronald Reagan!), isn’t being activist in favour of DeLay’s right-wing Fundie nutjob policies.

Sorry, Tommy, but that’s how the Supreme Court works. Just because you feel a compelling need to interfere in someone else’s life doesn’t mean SCOTUS has to agree with you.

posted by Chris on 20 April 2005 at 1156 in politix


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