Housekeeping Notes

I’ve cleaned up a few more template issues so that just about everything should be consistent in appearance now. The search template is the most noticeable change, and I think you’ll be happy with its new look.

I’ve also dropped MT-Blacklist entirely in favour of Brad Choate’s new SpamLookup plugin, which combines many of MT-Blacklist’s features with Brad’s older DSBL plugin. If you’ve had any problems commenting in the last week, please re-try your comment if you wish. I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work with anti-spam plugins in that time and some things may have been somewhat broken. Everything should be back to normal now, and we’ll see how SpamLookup does on blocking the thousands of spams per month this blog is getting.

posted by Chris on 09 April 2005 at 1630 in meta


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