Essays For Sale

From the “gee i never woulda thought of that and it’s such a giant surprise” department, Techdirt is reporting that most essays for sale online are “just plain bad”. Of course, there are also starving improv comedians who are willing to perpetrate all sorts of hilarity on the scum of the earth who would dare to perpetuate such a crime against academia.

Do your own work, you lazy sonsabitches. If you just want the piece of paper, I have a couple thousand spams here that describe how to get a de.6ree from a pr3stig.i0us un1.vers1.ty for only $50. Bonus: you save mommy and daddy a hundred grand, or you get a hundred grand you can spend on booze and E.

Yes, I graduated from college, and did a year of Ph. D. work besides.

No, I’m not the least bit resentful toward people who act like the world owes their drunk asses a degree.

Why do you ask?

posted by Chris on 07 April 2005 at 0311 in school


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