Why Apple Doesn’t Make a Smartfone

In case anyone had forgotten, Steve Jobs is vehemently against Apple’s competing in the cell fone/PDA market. And for good reason, it would seem. MobileTracker has a very in-depth review of the PalmOne Treo 650 today, in which reviewer Larry Becker says:

One last observation in the negative column is that the device needs to be reset often. To be fair, as handhelds have become more powerful and PC-like over the years, their capabilities have increased and the need for a reset has also increased. Every new handheld I’ve used over the years has required more resetting than its predecessor and as a power user who accesses e-mail and web daily and uses the Treo 650 with a Bluetooth headset numerous times every day, I find that resetting the device daily makes things run quite smoothly. I don’t even use the reset button, I just remove and replace the battery and it resets. And because of the Flash memory, all my data magically comes back too. The whole process take about a minute.

Is it any wonder Steve Jobs has no desire to deal with the usability nightmare that is having to entirely reboot a fugging cell fone once a day? What is this, Windows 98?

Having to reboot a computer once a day is absolutely unacceptable. Having to reboot a cell fone once a day because it contains a piss-poor operating system designed by the same people who think rebooting a computer once a day is acceptable is also absolutely unacceptable. Added complexity and capability should not mean added instability. Unfortunately, the “Microsoft Mentality” has infected PalmOne as well. Is it any surprise PalmOne is struggling mightily except with the Treo smartfones, where users are forced into a choice of three or four devices (if they’re lucky!) that utterly reek of mediocrity or cost as much as black-market kidneys? No wonder no one wants standalone PDAs any more — they’ve become as useless as Windows 95 machines!

Even Microsoft’s latest OS offerings are more stable than this. Get your act together, PalmOne.

posted by Chris on 03 March 2005 at 1354 in computing


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