NBC and the Olympics

Has anyone else noticed the sole non-American in NBC’s Olympics intro trailer? I’m referring to the approximately 60-second clip they show at the beginning of their primetime coverage and occasionally throughout with all the athletes running, swimming, jumping, carrying the torch, etc. and sort of “melting” from scene to scene. Every athlete that I can identify in that intro is an American, with notables being Michael Johnson (running in his signature erect form), Muhammad Ali (holding the torch at the 1996 Atlanta Games), and then there’s…Cathy Freeman of Australia, holding the torch on her way to lighting the flame at the 2000 Sydney Games.

I like Cathy Freeman, I love Australia, but I can’t figure out why NBC stuck her into a trailer that’s only being shown to Americans, most of whom probably have absolutely no idea who she is.

On a side note, I’m getting very tired of NBC’s coverage. If I hear Bob Costas say one more sappy thing, I’m going to throw a brick through the television. Someone get that goon off the air. Also, stop showing random highlights of beach volleyball without saying they’re highlights. It’s really annoying and confusing when you’re watching a game and all of a sudden the score jumps from 5-4 to 12-8 without any warning from the commentators. I know the American public has a terribly short attention span, but stop insulting my intelligence, you morons. At least show one whole consecutive game in the match, or, if you’re going to show highlights, just show the friggin’ highlights, and say so!

posted by Chris on 19 August 2004 at 2224 in sports


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Comment by David Ozab

I’m sure the only reason Cathy Freeman was in the montage was that she lit the torch four years ago. Not because she’s Australian, an aborigine, or because the average American knows who she is, but because she’s holding the torch and about to light the caldron.

My wife and I are SO sick of NBC’s coverage that we’ve been watching most of the events with the mute on.

I miss ABC.

posted at 2224 on 19 August 2004

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