Flying Kitty Wreaks Havoc

A cat got into the cockpit of an Avro RJ (better known as a BAe 146, which you may recall from an earlier entry) on a flight from Brussels to Oslo.

After realising it had “slipped the surly bonds of Earth,” the cat was understandably distressed about its situation, seeking refuge on the nearest seemingly anchored surface — the plane’s co-pilot. It seems one of the passengers had fallen asleep and the cat had escaped from its travelling case, possibly with the help of a child in the next seat. It then began wandering about the plane and slipped into the cockpit unnoticed whilst flight attendants served the captain and first officer their meals, after which it looked out the windows, saw the ground several thousand feet below, and went ballistic.

The captain made the very wise choice to return to Brussels immediately, where the aircraft landed without further incident.

International flights allow small (less than five kilograms, or about 11 pounds) pets to be carried in the passenger cabin of aircraft, so the owner won’t be facing any legal trouble.

In related news, Afghani authorities report a very large shipment of cats has recently arrived in the country’s eastern mountains. No word on why…

posted by Chris on 10 August 2004 at 1823 in general


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