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Someone’s getting fired for installing critical space shuttle parts backwards.

And then not noticing it for 20 years!

Herbs and whiskey aren’t going to cure cobra bite, but some people just can’t be convinced that modern medicine does occasionally have its uses.

Australians have too much time on their hands, as evidenced by the two contenders who lost to the singing dingo in the voting for top Australian trivia item. The two runners-up: a guy who can jump in place on his unicycle 232 times per minute, and a guy — this must be a guy — who can shoot his toenail clippings direct from toenail to wastebasket with 90 percent accuracy at a distance of a metre.

Benton County, Oregon, has said “screw you all” and banned all marriages as of Tuesday afternoon. Rather than deal with a legal mess if or when the state decides whether gay marriage is permissible, county commissioners are now refusing to allow any marriage at all. As you might expect, the homophobes are violently up in arms about this, and completely puzzled by the county’s refusal to allow “legal” marriage.

posted by Chris on 24 March 2004 at 0107 in general


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