The Not-So-Pfabulous Pfaucet With the Not-So-Pfunny Name

Or any name at all, for that matter, because Varsity are a bunch of cheap bastards who won’t use anything better than “piece of shit”-grade plumbing fixtures. Remember the dripping faucet? Well, it fixed itself for a while, but a couple of days ago it started dripping hot water again, at the rate of a gallon every hour or so.

Allow me to re-iterate at this point how incredibly glad I am that I don’t pay a water bill here.

Well, I went to turn the water off this morning after rinsing out my cereal bowl from breakfast, and I turned the hot water lever all the way to the right, and the water just kept runnning..and running…and running some more, in a steady stream about the size of my pinky finger.

D’ya think maybe the maintenance guys will fix it now? Anyone care to take bets on whether they’ll be able to figure out how to cut off the supply of water to the faucet, given that there are no cut-off valves under the sink?

I’m a little scared to leave my apartment for fear of coming back and finding everything floating around on the floor.

posted by Chris on 12 June 2003 at 0829 in apartment

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