Useless Error Message of the Day

My mom was trying to send a .zip file of photos to my aunt and my cousin tonight. Easier than e-mailing a folder, especially since my aunt uses Hotmail and my cousin doesn’t have a Mac. Gmail’s SMTP server threw up this ever-so-helpful error in Eudora (which is not addressed at all in Gmail Help):

Couldn’t send message; server says “552 5.7.0 review our attachment guidelines. f6sm13922652anb.16”.

The same attachment sends just fine if you change the extension from .zip to .txt.

The ultimate solution? There isn’t one. Gmail, for whatever reason, does not like this file, which was created by Control-clicking a folder of a few JPEG images (all with the “.jpg” extension) in Finder and choosing “Compress”. Hey, Google, a folder full of JPEGs created on a Mac is not a security risk.

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