Paging the Hypocrisy Police

Sean Hannity, one of the right-wing nutjob talking heads on Faux “News” (motto: “Proudly controlled by the Republican Party since 1999”), is the winner of today’s Giant Hypocrite Award. Mr. Hannity has a radio show on which he pontificates about a variety of “hard issues”, much like Rush “I’m a Hypocritical Crackhead, and Proud Of It!” Limbaugh, except without any listeners.

A caller to his show just condemned the “left-wing liberal media” for being unable to cover the hard issues such as the war in Iraq, Dubya’s ill health at the G8 summit, etc., and berated them for covering Paris Hilton instead.

Sean Hannity’s topic for the previous hour? Paris Hilton.

posted by Chris on 08 June 2007 at 1617 in politix


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