Irony Not Dead, Just Blinded by Log in Eye

Irony says, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Indeed, irony is alive and well in the world, this time in the form of Congress’s massive hypocrisy: the Iraqi Parliament is considering taking a two-month break over the summer, and US lawmakers are absolutely livid over the possibility.

Never mind that these are the same US lawmakers who were in session for only 97 days in calendar year 2006. Someone needs to point out the whole “practise what you preach” thing to our government, and fast, because they’re not doing anything to ease America’s reputation as the world’s pariah. As a very wise man once said, remove the log from your own eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother’s.

posted by Chris on 03 May 2007 at 0920 in politix


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Comment by Frank Lion

Good blog post, but…are you from the US? I ask because I have noticed the same mistake MANY times by US writers. Irony does NOT mean the same as hypocrisy.

Your post was about good ol’ double standards hypocrisy, but was not, in the least part, ironic.

Frank :)

posted at 0920 on 03 May 2007

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