Civic Duties and Weather Interference

I promised more on the civic duty thing Tuesday morning. It’s now Friday night. Sometimes other things get in the way. That’s coming soon, though.

Work was shaping up to be a day of nothing on Tuesday with the weather being below company minimums for training flights and not being able to get hold of half my students. (I just got upgraded into a new plane and got a new student load on Monday, and scheduling didn’t inform any of them that I was their new instructor, so getting them out there for last-minute slots wasn’t happening.) Garrett, another one of the instructors, asked if I wanted to burn some time and go to Milwaukee for lunch, so I said sure.

We got to Milwaukee and grabbed a crew car from Signature, went to lunch at a fine little Italian place in the UW-Milwaukee neighbourhood a few blocks from where Garrett grew up, and headed back to the airport. Then a phone call came in from dispatch asking what our plans were. The weather had dropped down even further, contrary to the forecast, and was below company minimums even with special permission. We waited around a couple hours to see if things would get any better. They didn’t, and we got stuck in Milwaukee for the night. So much for voting.

Once we figured out we were stuck, we went out to dinner with one of Garrett’s friends and then saw the world’s worst movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. I don’t go for horror movies in general because most of them are chock full of bad acting, bad dialog, unrealistic gore and violence, etc. This one hits on all cylinders of bad — the acting is mediocre, the dialog and script are awful, and the villain isn’t particularly believable. Yeah, there are some sick bastards out there, but nobody this ridiculous.

Making my displeasure with the movie even more complete was the fact that it prevented me from taking the beautiful Jeannine Gauthier out for a drink after her shift at the desk at Signature finished at 2200. Grrr.

The weather was little better on Wednesday morning, but just better enough that we could head back. We were VFR for most of the flight back but got to shoot the approach down to about 200’ above minimums coming back in to Battle Creek. Yay for the instrument rating.

posted by Chris on 10 November 2006 at 2219 in general


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