No. Just…No.

From a recent comment:


Yo Ok so I Have Just Got A Website And am Now looking For Visiters Ok I Will Make A Deal With You I Own 4 blogs i will add Your Name {Name Of Your Blog} if You Just Add My Website URL to your Blog Ok The Blogs i Own In Witch I Will Add Your Blog URL To are Switchhate i will promise to keep adding Your Blog URL into everywhere it will make sence in//My Website Will Also Have Your URL in it With nice Little Comments. Thank You For Your Time
The Website You Should Add Will Be Sent To You Through Your E-mail Like Yahoo or something



Uhm, no.

And just for good measure…



posted by Chris on 28 July 2006 at 0005 in computing


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Comment by Zach9311

Sorry I Just Got carried Away I Was so Happy With My Website And I Needed Some People To Visit It Sorry….I Love The Website The Red Forman Dumbass of The week Should Be Me. hey I Have Visited Your website alot…….P.S how did You Do The Part Where The 5 Heads Next To The Red Forman Dumbass award change i left your site i came back and the where different either way i set up all the links from my Blog To Your Blog

P.S im Trully Sorry

posted at 0005 on 28 July 2006

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