Springing Forward, Finally

Our bass-ackwards neighbours to the south in the Hoosier State (motto: “We don’t know what a Hoosier is either”) have, after 30 years of holding out, begun to observe daylight saving time, in a manner of speaking. Perhaps the most telling quote from the article is this:

Martin County Commissioner John Collins, who works in construction, said he personally would be satisfied with either time zone. But he is frustrated that residents and visitors will need to study a map to figure out the correct time.

Please, John, explain to the rest of us how this is any different from the current (well, now “former”) situation:

Under state law, most of Indiana has ignored daylight-saving time since the early 1970s.

The result has been a patchwork of time zones, with 77 counties observing Eastern time but not changing clocks; five on Eastern time unofficially observing daylight-saving time; and 10 on Central time that observed daylight-saving time.

Collins sums things up — past and present — quite appropriately by saying “It’s a mess.”

A mess, indeed.

posted by Chris on 01 April 2006 at 0429 in general


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Comment by Eric

In the words of Carlos Mencia - dee dee dee….

But seriously, the parts that do switch their clocks are mocking the idiots in the others that can’t seem to figure out that everything will happen at the same time on the clock, just that it will feel an hour different.

All I can say is….it’s about damn time! (And I decided to leave out any Michigan-bashing for a future comment)

posted at 0429 on 01 April 2006

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