Dumbass of the Day

Today’s award goes to Thomas Hesse.

I know, I know. “Who the heck is Thomas Hesse?”

He’s the “president for global digital business” at Sony BMG, the recording industry giant. Instead of being remembered merely for having the world’s most pretentious business cards, Hesse will now go down in infamy for this little slip, sure to raise the ire of Uncle Steve over in Cupertino:

It’s just a proprietary decision by Apple to decide whether to play along or not. I don’t know what more waiting we have to do. We think we need to move this forward. Time is ticking, infringement of intellectual property is happening all over, and we’ve got to put a stop to it I think.

OK, let me get this straight.

1) Mac users are all pirates and can’t be trusted.

2) Apple — a computer, not music company, mind — is responsible for writing unbreakable DRM that makes CDs unplayable in computers.

If I were Steve Jobs, you know what I would do? I would call up this Hesse goon and tell him his little tantrum just cost his company any chance of ever having CD copy protection that works under Mac OS. Let fly the Wrath of Steve!

More technical details, and a much better article, at Yahoo.

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posted by Chris on 20 June 2005 at 2013 in sci-tech


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