Right-Wing Nutjobs Again Miss the Point

The Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor is contemplating suing Gull Lake Public Schools if “intelligent design” is not taught in their seventh-grade science classes.

Never mind that intelligent design is not science.

Never mind that Thomas More was a respected man who believed that a good education was very important.

Never mind that American public school students have consistently scored near the bottom of worldwide educational surveys, especially in science.

Never mind that evolution is a fact, and “theory” of natural selection doesn’t mean what the Fundies want you to think.

Never mind that most pro-creationism (or pro-intelligent design) “scientists” have worthless credentials and aren’t scientists at all.

Never mind all that. If the Fundies don’t get God into science class, we’re all going to Hell.

Gimme a friggin’ break.

posted by Chris on 21 April 2005 at 1849 in politix


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