New Goodies

No, the ‘Book isn’t here yet, but I did just get a very nice (wired) handsfree for my fone: the Belkin ActiFlex Boom Universal Hands-Free. I can highly recommend this excellent product, which cost me only $15 at OfficeMax. It has a lifetime warranty, and it beats the factory handsfree by a mile.

If you want to use one of these with a fone that has a proprietary handsfree connector, you’ll need an adapter. I picked up a Belkin adapter for the T616 from a link on Froogle for $8.50 shipped.

I’m rather less pleased with the Belkin case, which I’m tempted to return. It’s a nice leather case, but it doesn’t quite fit the fone, and as a result, the top 15-20 pixels of the screen get covered up. I’m not sure if it’s this specific case, or if the problem is endemic to the design. Expect a full report if/when I return this case and/or find anything better.

posted by Chris on 16 February 2005 at 1830 in sci-tech


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