E-mail as a Platform

Techdirt explains why I use Eudora:

People simply store information in their email, from contact information that was emailed to them to schedule information to purchase tracking from emailed receipts. Lots of people email messages to themselves, realizing that email is basically the best “permanent” filing system they have. That’s part of the reason why good email search is so important.

Though I don’t e-mail messages to myself — that’s what Stickies is for! — I cannot understate the importance of a good search feature in any e-mail client I use. I have about ten years’ worth of e-mail archives, and I search the last four to five years fairly regularly. I have yet to find a client other than Eudora that can handle the large archive volume and my searching needs. Eudora is ugly, it’s antiquated, it’s arcane, and I feel like I’m back on System 6 every time I use it…but damned if it isn’t the best mail client for people who use e-mail as a platform.

posted by Chris on 09 February 2005 at 1759 in computing


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