The Law of Unintended Consequences Strikes Again

Wanita Young, professional persecutor of well-meaning cookie bakers everywhere, is finding the attention from her little tantrum too much to bear:

This has turned into quite a fiasco. It’s something that never should have happened, and it’s just devastating. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing. My life has been threatened, and I’ll probably have to move out of town.

To which I can only think to reply: duh. What the hell did you expect would happen, you heartless, selfish bitch? You sued two teenage girls for anonymously leaving cookies on your doorstep in a random act of kindness. You deserve everything that happens to you as a result.

A side note: the Denver Post is having way too much fun with these headlines:

Red FormanRed Forman Dumbass Rating: Bob (Dumbass) Bob (Dumbass) Bob (Dumbass)

posted by Chris on 08 February 2005 at 0637 in general


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