Why I’m Glad High School is Over

I was just talking with my cousin, who’s a senior in high school, on IM, and she told me she’s in health class with a bunch of freshmen, all of whom are incredibly annoying and shallow.

Not that this should surprise anyone.

But, well, here, let her tell you:

our health teacher asked us if we made any new friends this week, everyone said yes, then he asked us what we look for in a person when we are trying to make friends….the usual things came up, friendly, nice, good sense of humor……then there is silence and he asks if there is anythiing else and this one STUPID IMMATURE SHALLOW FRESHMAN says, “well i look at the type of clothes they are wearing, if they are wearing the same type of clothes than me than i think, maybe we shop at the same places and maybe shes like me so we could like you know be friends.”

Yeah. I would have been struggling to stay in my chair, to say nothing of how difficult it would have been for me not to laugh out loud at that girl.

Oh, and it gets better. Apparently Jackie, from That 70s Show, is also in her class:

this other girl was like, “i look for people who will give me stuff…like this girl over here who gave me a hair tie”

Now, can’t you all just picture the teacher saying this (his actual response, in fact) to the first girl:

“Well….yeah…you look for things you have…in common.”

posted by Chris on 21 August 2004 at 1620 in school


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