Karma is a Beautiful Thing

Traffic, as usual, was really bad on the way home today. Some jackass behind me thought it would be fun to sneak up and block a driveway for a lady who was trying to turn left just behind me. I would have stopped short and left it open for her, but I didn’t realise I was blocking it until it was too late, and when I pulled up to give her room, this guy in a Chevy Avalanche decided to pull up and take the space I was trying to give her to turn, (insert heavy sarcasm) you know, because it makes so much difference whether or not you’re 15 feet further up toward the light.

Well, he got his 15 feet, she got blocked out, and as soon as he turned right, the cooler full of Pepsi sitting on his tailgate (this is another reason why fake trucks like the Avalanche are useless, by the way) went flying off the tailgate and landed in the middle of the road, immediately bursting open and scattering Pepsi cans and ice packs all over the street.

Serves you right, Mr. I-Need-15-Feet-And-Damned-Who-I-Run-Over-To-Get-It.

Then a fire truck came through the intersection right as our light turned green, and some dumb bitch behind me had the nerve to honk when I didn’t go the instant the light turned green, even though the fire truck was a) still in the intersection and b) blaring his horn and siren.

And people from Florida say Northerners can’t drive.

posted by Chris on 20 August 2004 at 1959 in general


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