Hi, I’m Chris, and I Fly Airplanes

Let the ladies take notice.

(Just kidding.)

But I did indeed pass my checkride with flying colours, so yours truly is now an FAA-certificated private pilot in single-engine land airplanes.

Due to an administrative mix-up, my instructor and I flew down to St. Augustine at 0715 yesterday and waited at the airport for the examiner to show up. At about 0815 he called his “home office” at the airport and said, “I’m up here in Jacksonville. Where are you guys?”


So we hopped back in the plane and beat feet back to Craig, and my checkride got started an hour late. But darnit, I coulda slept in!

Ironically enough, the one thing I wasn’t satisfied with on the checkride was my first simulated engine-out landing, which is the one thing I had never had problems with in training. Go figure.

posted by Chris on 12 July 2004 at 0959 in school


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