TiBook AirPort Reception Tip

Ti Cobb has been suffering from a dead hard disk, as mentioned earlier, for the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday, in a fit of frustration, I took off the bottom of the case so I could remove the defective hard disk and get some work done without listening to the Click of Death for hours on end. Whilst I was in there, I pressed all the AirPort antenna connections back together, and made sure everything appeared to be in place.

My AirPort signal strength at my desk has literally doubled, both in the menu bar indicator and in Internet Connect’s 15-segment bar graph. This is amazing. Where I was getting two bars in the menu bar, and four to six segments in Internet Connect a week ago, I’m now getting a consisten 3-4 bars in the menu bar and 10-12 segments in Internet Connect.

I highly recommend the 10-minute procedure if you already have a Torx T-9 or T-8 screwdriver around the house.

On a related note, Ti Cobb will be on his way to Texas to get a new hard disk and new right-side fan (the original fan has been making a horrid buzzing sound on low speed for nearly two years now) this weekend. Don’t expect any updates until at least the middle or end of next week.

posted by Chris on 03 June 2004 at 0235 in computing


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