From Robert Frost to John Kerry in Just Two Clicks

As I just mentioned, one of the things I found in my wallet this afternoon was a stanza of a Robert Frost poem.

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the title of the poem. I hit Google, first searching simply for “Robert Frost,” which yielded several interesting sites but nothing to jog the memory. I then Googled the first line of the poem that came to mind: “But yield who will to their separation.”

This produced an immediate result, which is wholly unremarkable except for two things. First, I went to college with a kid named Alex Dodge, who happens to share a name (though not a body, as I quickly ascertained from the Alex Dodge link on the sidebar) with that blog author’s son. Second, the sidebar contained a link to a site with a strangely familiar-sounding name: uggabugga.

I have no idea where I might have heard of uggabugga, but upon seeing it, absolutely nothing looks familiar.

But the site is great. It’s another one of those “Dubya is horseshit” blogs, but it’s really really interesting and isn’t just a bunch of leftist ranting like one might expect. There are links to stories like “Bush Wants Kerry to Identify Supporters So He Can Invade Them,” a reference to Kerry’s recent statement that he (Kerry) has the support of “foreign leaders.” (It’s funny. Laugh.)

posted by Chris on 26 March 2004 at 0309 in politix


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