Gee, I Hope I Didn’t Break Anything

Apologies if you tried to visit sometime in the last hour and a half and got some strange PHP parsing error or other oddity. See, Eric suggested I randomise the faces used for Red Forman’s Dumbass Rating in the previous two entries and this week’s Darwin Award Nominee.

At first, I sort of dismissed it out-of-hand as too complicated, because at the time I was thinking of how horrible it would be to implement in JavaScript.

Then I remembered I ought to be able to use PHP for this fairly easily. Well, I wouldn’t say “fairly easily” is a proper description, but coding the PHP took about 15 minutes. Getting it properly integrated into Movable Type is what took so long. I had to switch over to all-PHP output, since I can’t seem to get this Web host to parse .html files as PHP no matter what voodoo I perform on the .htaccess file.

But yeah, the end result is that each time this page loads, the floating heads representing Red Forman’s Dumbass Rating are randomly picked from images of Eric, Kelso, Hyde, and Bob Pinciotti.

Man, I really need to be sleeping right now instead of doing this!

posted by Chris on 12 March 2004 at 0450 in meta


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